Two Piece Jilbab Snap Buttons Kaki – Umm Hafsa


Umm Hafsa Collection Two Piece Jilbab includes a flared skirt and a very wide and covering cape, with Snap Buttons on the front and on the cuffs. ( Please note that the sleeves do not show the wrists, but the arms are raised on the picture ).

It has a chin cover and a tie headband.

It allows every movement with extra cover between arms and body.

The Egyptian Wool Peach fabric is light, opaque and comfortable. It is suitable to any season.

* Why clips?

The Snap Buttons are designed to maintain a portion of the jilbab in front of the chest area especially in windy conditions.

It can be worn without the Buttons.


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Size 1 :  shorter than 1m65 / 5 ft 5

Size 2 : taller than 1m65 / 5 ft 5

Cape width : 1m75

Buttons colour : Black

Brand : Umm Hafsa Collection

Material : Egyptian Wool Peach

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size 1, size 2


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