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Sunnahstyle Three Layer Niqab is an authentic Khaleeji niqab made of ultra-soft premium Korean chiffon that is comfortable and extremely breathable. The niqab is designed with three layers: a bottom layer which includes the eye-slit and rests on the face, a middle layer which may be worn down or flipped back over the head, and a top layer which may also be worn down or flipped back. All three layers are made from Korean chiffon without any cotton backing.

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Sunnahstyle Three Layer Niqab features three layers of fabric that can be worn to partially cover, completely cover, or fully expose the eyes.

Sunnahstyle Three Layer Niqab can be worn in three ways:
1. With all three layers down over the face. When worn like this, the eyes will be completely covered but the wearer can still see out.
2. With the top layer flipped back over the head and the middle layer down over the face. When worn like this, the eyes will be only partially screened.
3. With both the top and middle layers flipped back over the head. When worn like this, the eyes will be visible.


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