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The Three Layer Flap Niqab Umm Hafsa has a top flap that is designed to fall just over the eyelids, covering most of the eyes while still allowing you to see out. It has a cordellette between the eyes.

Made in an excellent quality fabric called khaligy.

Available in Black, Blue and Brown.

Available in 4 sizes : 95cm ( standard ), 1m25 (long) 1m50 (extra long) 1m60 ( extra long )

Please note that, for the second and third layers, the 95 cm length length has a round shape and a triangle shape for the extra long lengths. The first layer has a rectangle shape.

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Colour : Black

Lengths : 95 cm, 1m25, 1m50, 1m60

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1m25 (long), 1m50 (extra long), 1m60 (extra long), 95 cm (standard)

3 reviews for Three Layer Flap Niqab Black (Different Lengths) – Umm Hafsa

  1. Claire

    I bought this niqab in extra long, and I love it. It’s lovely and breathable, very concealing and makes me feel safe. It’s beautiful subhanallah. ❤️ You can also flip the flap backwards and it doesn’t look weird, so you can wear it with the flap flipped back if you want your eyes more exposed. I love that about it. Very happy with my purchase.

  2. Alexis Mackinnon (verified owner)

    I brought it in extra long and the niqab is so beautiful the eye flap flips back in a really non noticeable way and when the flap is down it’s soft against your skin and doesn’t hurt or make it hard to see alhamduliah I would say this is the best flap niqab I’ve tried ❤️ Fast shipping too

    • House of Jilbab

      al hamduliLlah, very happy that you liked your purchase, may Allah bless you.

  3. Maryam Nauth (verified owner)

    I purchased the extra long 1m50 and I love it! This is my first niqab and I am extremely happy with the quality and feel. It is breathable, light and gives good coverage. The material is very soft. I can’t express how beautiful this niqab is and would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to wear one. I will be back for more in different lengths in’sha’Allah! JazakAllah khair❤️

    • House of Jilbab

      JazakiLlahu khayran, delighted with your first niqab experience, may Allah bless you.

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