Precious Tahara Musk Surrati 3ml

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Enjoy the very good quality of the Tahara Musk from the Saudi Brand Surrati, the Famous Perfumer based in Mekka !

Musk tahara, the fragrance of sweetness. A fragrance very popular with women in the Middle East, whose soft scent of cotton reveals its irresistible notes on your skin. Its unique olfactory statement, recalling the smell of soap, gives you a feeling of cleanliness and freshness very characteristic of this perfume. Also called white musk or musk ‘arouss, its thick texture and its delicate odor are particularly appreciated to perform the purification sunnah after menstruation, during ghusl (ritual bath).

The Prophet -salla Allahu ‘alayhi wa sallam- taught a woman who questioned him on this subject “(then) take a cloth scented with musk and purify yourself with it.” Reported by Muslim

Tahara musk will dispel bad odors and reveal a soft, refined aroma on your body. Highly concentrated, a small touch is enough for long-lasting hold.

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1 review for Precious Tahara Musk Surrati 3ml

  1. Claire (verified owner)

    I received this musk as a gift, and recognised it by the bottle and just had to get another one for myself! It smells so gentle and fresh, it really does last for a long time and it’s thick consistency makes it feel luxurious. Lovely scent, and it indeed smells of soap and cotton but not the ordinary soap you find it shops ❤️ It is very unique, I would definitely recommend this!

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