OPEN V NECK Big Jilbab 1pc Black – Oversized Saudi Jilbab – Umm Hafsa

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Discover the “Big Jilbab” OPEN V NECK  Saudi Jilbab  by Umm Hafsa Collection! The Open Neck version of the popular Big Jilbab!  An Oversized Saudi  Jilbab Style with a width of two meters, the best of the coverage ! Very Loose and Wide, Lightweight, Flowing,  This is one of the Most Comfortable Jilbab Ever!

As it has an elastic headband, It can be worn with a Hijab or a Niqab underneath. Very convenient for this winter as the Open Neck Style is very breathable especially if you wear layers underneath. You can even wear it over your jilbab to add extra cover.

  • Loose wrists with finger loops
  • Lightweight wool peach egyptian fabric matte
  • Elastic Headband
  • Open V neck
  • Double Extra Large

Matching Niqab Available (One Layer Adjustable Niqab )

Size 0 : shorter than  1m55 / 5ft1

Size 1 : 1m55 – 1m63 / 5ft1 – 5ft4

Size 2 :1m63 – 1m70 / 5ft4 – 5ft7

Size 3 : 1m70 – 1m75 / 5ft7 – 5ft9

The Size choice will depend on if you like it to be dragging the floor or not.

For example, If you are 5ft4 and would like it to be dragging the floor, you should get size 2

Please note, if you are 5ft9, It might not be dragging the floor.

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Width : 2m

Length head to bottom :

Size 0 : 1m60

Size 1 : 1m65

Size 2 : 1m70

Size 3 : 1m75

Additional information


size 0, size 1, size 2, size 3

1 review for OPEN V NECK Big Jilbab 1pc Black – Oversized Saudi Jilbab – Umm Hafsa

  1. Claire (verified owner)

    I’m so happy with this jilbab alhamdullilah. It’s more spacious than I expected, which makes it very flowy and pretty. Because it’s so wide, sometimes when the wind blows the wide bits blow across your legs so it makes it a bit difficult to walk, you have to keep pulling the material to the side, but I don’t mind that much. There’s a lot of material with this jilbab, and so I’ve also found that walking, the material sometimes gets stuck in between my thighs and I have to keep pulling it out haha. It does get slightly annoying but it doesn’t look as though the material is stuck in between your thighs, so it really doesn’t matter haha. I got size 2, because I’m about 5’5/5’6 and this jilbab reaches the floor. It doesn’t drag the floor but it reaches the floor and it covers my ankles. I love the fact it’s so long and I usually struggle to find the right jilbab length online, so I’m so happy this one was long enough. I would say if you’re 5’5/5’6 this jilbab would be too long to wear in the rain, but each to their own. I would definitely say I love it, it’s beautiful, spacious, and the material is thick enough to be good for winter but it isn’t too heavy. I will definitely be buying another one in a different colour!

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