French Two Piece Jilbab

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Are you looking for a Great Quality Jilbab at a Very Affordable Price ?!

This amazing French Two Piece Jilbab features :

  • A tie back headband
  • Elastic wrists
  • A Large Skirt with an elastic waist
  • Lightweight great quality fabric similar to crepe
  • One size, fits most of the sizes ( Had been tested by sisters from around 5ft2 /1m58 to 5ft9/1m75 )

Top length : approximately 1m50

Skirt length : approximately 105 cm

The Head opening fits normal to large, and can vary from 32cm to 34cm . If you have a small head we do not recommend you to purchase this jilbab.

For those who are petite, small or very thin, we do not recommend you to purchase this Jilbab.

Swipe to see the Color Chart and  the reviews ! We made sure that the color chart is as close as the fabrics


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Beige, Dark Bottle Green, Dark Purple, Denim Blue, Forest Green / Teal, Light Taupe, Lilac, Pinky Taupe, Rust, Teal Blue, Black, Brown, Burgundy, Grey, Kaki, Light grey, Navy blue, Plum, Taupe

11 reviews for French Two Piece Jilbab

  1. Claire (verified owner)

    I received my french jilbab today, I got it in black since it’s always out of stock and my god am I pleased with it. Alhamdulillah it fits perfectly, i thought the material would be thinner but it’s moderate. Not too thin and not too thick, which I’m very happy about since the thinner jilbabs feel cheap. This one is perfect, you can wear it in the rain without issues due to the skirt, and it feels great on. The only thing I’d say it the tie back head band is really wide because the chin part is quite far back- so when you tie the headband there’s a chance your ears might show if you don’t tie it low enough and cover them. But this jilbab is amazing, great price, I’d buy all of them if I could! The delivery is speedy, and I have no complaints. House of Jilbab, thank you for creating modest clothing that is easily available to women. This brand is amazing and I hope it lasts forever Inshaallah. Thanks again so much ❤️

  2. Maya (verified owner)

    Received my jilbab today. Really impressed with the quality of the material and the item mashAllah. If you’re thinking of ordering, I would go for it. It has exceeded my exceptions.
    JazakAllah Khair

  3. Rochelle (verified owner)

    Received my French jilbab very promptly, I was unsure what to expect…but alhamdulillah I’m delighted! Great quality, I’ve got it in black, beautiful material and I’m planning to buy in more colours in shaa Allah. Fully recommend!

  4. Mariam Elmi (verified owner)

    I ordered the French two-piece jilbab in the forest green/teal colour. It was a little darker than expected but still a beautiful colour. The material is good as well as the design. The downside is that when I tried it on it was evidently too big for me. The sleeves went well past my hands and the whole jilbab looked big and puffy on me. The head size is good however and fits me perfectly. I’m 5ft3 so hoped this jilbab would be a decent size for me as it was tested on sisters from 5ft2 to 5ft9. If they made a smaller size it would’ve been great as it is a good jilbab overall.

  5. MamaNiqabi (verified owner)

    I ordered a couple of theses french Jilbabsand love them! the fit is comfortable and withmatching niqab and gloves, it looks very nice when I go out. So glad I ordered them! Insha Allah, I plan to order more.

  6. Carla (verified owner)

    Ich liebe diesen Jilbab. Er passt perfekt und hat einen sehr schönen Scnitt. Für diesen Preis eine sehr gute Qualität.

  7. lubna akthar (verified owner)

    i love my grey one alhamdulillah! you will never find a price better than this believe me i looked! and the way i can tie it on my head just makes me look fabulous its just the way i wanted it!

  8. Kay (verified owner)

    I ordered a blue navy french jilbaab and alhamdulilh really happy with it. I’m 5ft3 and the skirt touches the floor however because it’s underneath the top garment I can pull up the skirt a little higher and you can’t even tell. I absolutely love the material of the jilbaab, the way it falls and flows. Really nice quality. Coverage is perfect too, of course! xxx

  9. Rafiya (verified owner)

    A very beautiful jilbab I got it in taupe colour I am 5ft8 and it fits beautifully. You dont need a face niqab if you tie the headband a bit above the ears. Just tie it the way we tie our niqaab

  10. nh202 (verified owner)

    I ordered the teal jilbab ,which was of very good quality Allahumma barik . The tie strap is comfortable and not too tight or loose. Personally, the skirt was a bit loose . Overall I would highly recommend house of Jilbab and would buy again👍

  11. Sara.T (verified owner)

    Just received my Jilbab today, I got it in khaki and was not really sure what to expect…
    I was mainly worried about the width of the head piece, as I like them a little tight so they don’t slip back when I pull them up to my chin, fortunately that was not a problem with this jilbab.
    However, I wish the elastic on the skirt was tighter as it’s extremely loose on the one I received, if your waist is slim I reckon it might slip off…
    Overall, the experience was great and the shipping was very fast!

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