Two Piece Butterfly Jilbab Black – Assalafiyat 

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This two piece overhead jilbab includes :

  • A very large cape , light, opaque and flowing fabric, with butterfly elastic cuffs, tie-back headband and chin cover.
  • A large skirt with one pocket.

Model : French / Butterfly
Brand : Assalafiyat
Fabric type : « Royal »

Available in two sizes.

Available in black, blue, grey, green, purple and brown.

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Size 1 : shorter than 1m67-69 / 5 ft 6-7

Size 2 : taller than 1m67-69/ 5 ft 6-7

Please note that if you are 5 ft 6-7 , the size choice will depend on whether you like the top being long and wide (size 2) or shorter and not as wide (size 1).


  • Size 1
    – Cape at the front  : Chin to bottom – 115cm
    – Cape at the back : head to bottom – 151cm
  • Size 2
    – Cape at the front  : Chin to bottom – 140cm
    – Cape at the back : head to bottom – 166cm

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size 1, size 2

3 reviews for Two Piece Butterfly Jilbab Black – Assalafiyat 

  1. Aminat Rufai (verified owner)

    Assalaamu alaykum. Beautiful beautiful jilbaab Allaahumma baarik. The back is really long, basically a full length jilbaab with great soft flowy fabric. Delivery was fast and lovely lovely people to deal with. May Allaah bless it for me aameen. And may Allaah bless you all aameen! Jazaakumallaahu khayran.

  2. Jas

    Asalamu walikum. This jilbab is beautiful allah huma barik! excellent quality! Would deffo recommend Inshallah. Quick delivery too Alhumdulillah
    Jazakhallah khaire

  3. Eli

    MashaAllah beautifull jilbab so comfortable material is just perfect.

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