Halal Jobs Ideas wearing a Jilbab/Niqab

Halal Jobs Ideas wearing a Jilbab/Niqab

Many struggling sisters who wear jilbab and niqab have come to us in the past asking for advice and looking for something halal to do.

Knowing a lot of sisters are tested in the pursuit of earning a living while having kids, being single mothers, students, reverts, divorced women / single women and lack of support or loneliness. We will introduce a few ideas and open a discussion about it.

We hope that it will by The Will of Allah be beneficial and give determination, hope, motivation and strength to the women of our community as it is not easy sometimes.

May Allah help us being obedient to Him and firm in this life and the hereafter, ameen.

If you would like to advise sisters with your own experience or ideas please  leave your comment to benefit others!

Halal job Ideas wearing a Jilbab/Niqab

1. Start your Own business

The best advantage when starting your own business is that you can do it from home! If you have a skill or if you are creative, you can start step by step, no need to have a lot of money. If you don’t have enough money to produce something or to have a stock of products, you can sell custom made orders which means you only produce something once an order is placed.

Examples : Buying/selling, Baking/cooking,  Graphic Designer,  Teaching Online  courses, Sewing, Hair dresser, Beautician, Translator/interpreter

2. Become a Teacher

Normally there shouldn’t be a problem for you to wear a jilbab or a niqab if you teach in a muslim school. You can study the subject you like, plus the environment is normally not mixed with men and you could even remove your niqab working with kids.

3. Look for a Muslim Place

Nothing better than working with muslims as they are more likely to understand and accept if you wear at work a jilbab or a niqab. Places like Maktaba, Shops, Restaurants, Schools, Nurseries

4. Women Only places

Some places are known to be not free mixing like some Medical centers or departments , Sewing workshops, Hair salons, Beautician clinics etc... and you can also remove your niqab or jilbab.


I plan on opening my own online business! Selling clothing, or maybe even working for the government as a translator/interpreter”

I’m doing an apprenticeship working from home, this is in I.T. It really comes down to making dua to Allah first & talking to your employer about your circumstances

I work in labor and delivery as a surgical technologist and also the main operating room. I wear full niqab all day and when I am operating I wear the mask and my hospital provides sterile hijab covers. I work in the U.S. Allah subhana wa ta’ala is Most Great and He will always provide for us. Never see your hijab or niqab as a barrier

I work in my home and i have no problem = The best work you need”

First of all my English isn’t really good like yours sisters, but I’ll give my best 😊 I worked as pedicurist, facetreatments and nailstylist for 13 years. Had my own salon and so on. Now my life changed elhamdulillah. I became mum of a son, moved from a city (Vienna) to a little town (so I lost my customers), I didn’t practice Islam, but since July everything changed elhamdulillah, I wear hidjab and my husband converted to Islam, he was orthodox before. So now I’m at home and I’m looking for a job that I can work at home. But I’ve no idea. Pedicure is still OK cause I was very good in my job. Nailstylist is Haram and I also don’t like it anymore. Maybe someone of you has a impulse for me… I would like to work online cause with a baby at home it’s not possible to work. Well, I love your answeres here and your ambitious! We have to be and stay strong and show our talents! 💪❤️

Some other ideas could be a Doula, Female driving instructor, care worker, Personal trainer, tbh the lists are endless but we just need to create our own spaces and training programmes..

Maa shaa Allah ❤️ May Allah Azzawajjal reward you for bringing this topic. I agree with starting your own business, find your strengths of what YOU are good at, something you like, something that you are interested in and then create it into something! Start small and try to be customer friendly and helpful to your customers. Selling online courses is great if you carry a knowledge in some specific area. Designing digital products like planners/calendars or other beneficial knowledge is a nice business without an inventory. Podia is a great site for selling online courses and digital products, also heard of sellfy. What I love about this islamophobic chaos is that it has pushed sisters to open up their own business and take action! Most of the sister business I see are either niqabi jilbabi or hijabi sisters because they were somehow either forced or had no choice, and then Allah Azzawajjal gave them rizq, Dua and Tawakkul ❤️❤️❤️

I work in cyber, wear hijab and Abaya daily. No issues thus far. I did all my schooling online and learn that way and hands on. Obviously the workplace is a mixed environment but that’s why I cover properly and my coworkers never cross any boundaries I’ve set.

Great post sis! I think starting a business from home or providing a women only service is a great way to earn an income for Muslim women who aren’t able to go to work! I’ve sold jilbaabs, cookies, Afro dolls and right now I’m doing a beauty course to provide women services but my main passion is writing children’s book! Although I don’t really expect to make much money from writing, it’s more of a hobby! 💕

Alhamdulilah, I established my own marketing agency and I work from home. I also have a couple of other businesses I do and I’m also a photographer. It’s not easy being a stranger in the space but you’ve got to really have tawakkul and taqwa before embarking on your business journey as social media seem to make it easy to find customers but poses alot of fitnah to women and that’s why I provide ethical alternative marketing tips to conscious Muslim women in Sha Allah.”

Social worker! Helping people in your job and you choose your workplace and therefore the customer base”

I work in a jilbab store = women only environment الحمدالله. May Allah make it easy for all sisters trying to make a living while holding on to their deen. امين 💗

I’m Spanish nurse and Muslim less than one year ago. I work with my hijab and never had a problem with that alhamdulillah ❤️😍🙂

Assalam alaikum. I wear niqab too, but I’am busy with my online buseness and I teach women online lessons👌🌸

You can also work from home as a freelancer😍

Working with animals in rural place”

Many sisters over here offer home daycare as a service

I’m a doctor and I’m wear Hizab on my duty time..

“As salaamu alaykunna 💐 Im a primary school teacher, I mainly give online classe nowadays. I am also a hijama therapist and bi idhni Llah I will keep building business around women’s wellbeing

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  1. MashaAllah wal Hamdulillah
    I’m so happy to have found this website!
    I miss being surrounded by Muslim sisters since my student days.
    Alhamdulillah this site felt like a familiar home ♥️

    I recently started my life coaching business, please make Dua for its success!

    February 16, 2021 Reply
    • Jazakillahu khayran sister, May Allah bless you with khayr and help you in all your affairs !

      House of Jilbab
      February 17, 2021 Reply
  2. In university where there is co-education, Can boys and girls discuss on their subjects?

    Tehreem Shahid
    February 27, 2021 Reply

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