General Stages of Modesty

General Stages of Modesty
A woman can go in a lifespan through different phases and stages in order to reach Modesty.*

1. It all starts when we are kids, this is the time where we discover and get education. We take example and imitate our mothers, sisters and close siblings. We love playing and trying on everything, especially our mother’s and sisters’ wardrobes!

2. After that comes the age of Puberty when we understand that we are growing up and we start practising in accordance to what we are taught by our parents or educational people. We usually start understanding that Allah has commanded us to practice His commands.

3. The Teenager years, probably one of the most complicated time. It is when we have to take decisions based on the education we received while being influenced by the society that often do not share the same values. Often there is a weakness and a feeling of regression due to the peer pressure. We tend to neglect the true nature of the command of being covered and twist how it should look.

4. Then the desire of independence kicks in, there is the will of being free intellectually to choose who we want to be. They are the years of confidence, determination and motivation to develop this faith internally and externally that is within you.

5. Once a part of the desired accomplishments are fulfilled we feel stronger and mature enough to truly express who we are and have the desire to stay firm on the path chosen. This is when challenges, education and experiences shape your personality.

*Note that everyone is different and everyone’s life is not a copy of what was described above. These are general phases and stages that are known by the general experiences. If you would like to share with us your own experience feel free to comment or email us your story at [email protected]

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