#Anonymous1 – My Jilbab Story

#Anonymous1 – My Jilbab Story

” Before I started wearing the jilbab, I didn’t know anyone who was wearing it and I had never seen any girls my age wearing it in my community. I remember I had been going through a guilty phase in my deen for a long time in school, where I knew I was not being a good enough Muslim and I knew what I had to do to be a good muslim but I was too weak. And every night I would just feel guilty and scared that maybe Allaah will take my life now when I haven’t even changed myself, I’d make sincere promises to change. But then I’d wake up and forget them.

One day my sister booked an islamic event for me and my sister to go to with her, and it was the annual light upon light event. I remember just naturally I reached for my mums jilbab like it was the easiest decision i had to make. I had this idea and image of what a good Muslim should be like, how a Muslim should behave etc and I knew that modesty was so important. Everyone should always have a role model to look up to. When I was having periods of low imaan I would read about the pious predecessors and I would aspire to be like them.

The transition to wearing the jilbaab was so natural, and when I found out there was a whole community of sisters who also wore the jilbab it made me feel less lonely and reassured that I was not the only person going through the struggles of family not accepting my new look and a story I want to share about being steadfast is that if you are sincere you will inspire others to also follow you in your journey to seek Allaahs pleasure. That first day that I wore the jilbab going to the islmic event, my sister looked at me with disgust and disdain.Tried to persuade me not to wear it and clearly showed her dislike towars it. Fast forward a couple of months, she then started to wear the jilbab. All those times my mum would lecture me about being too young to wear the jilbab and family would say mean things and stare at me.

I never stopped wearing the jilbaab, in fact it made me more determined to wear it. What if I was not sincere to being with? And what if I had not been patient? Would my sister have felt inspired to also start wearing the jilbaab?

My mum was against it to begin with, now she buys me jilbabs and in the occasions where I’m about to leave the house In anything less that a jilbab she would stop me.

And to the sisters who think the jilbaab is too extreme and not necessarily. I have a question. How much respect and honour do you have for the women believers at the time of the prophet Muhammad (salla allahu alayhi wa salam)? These women who we should look up to. Can you imagine them in anything less.

Than a jilbaab?
Always think to yourself before you do anything,
Is this something Aisha (radiallahu anha) would wear?
Is this something Sumaya (radiallahu anha) would do? “


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  1. Subhaan Allah

    October 22, 2019 Reply
  2. Alhamdulillah. I hope these jilbab stories reach far and wide a start a resurgence of the hijab and thereafter the deen in its entirety. Aameen♡

    October 23, 2019 Reply
  3. MashaAllah ☺️❤️

    November 2, 2019 Reply
  4. ما شا الله sister may Allah keep you steadfast upon the way of the salaf your reward is with Allah the most high

    Hafsa Fossie
    November 3, 2019 Reply

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